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A deep dive into FUT news on FIFA 20.

Improvements that are coming to FUT 20. As a team we have been looking at ways to:
  • Provide our fans with short, medium & long term goals to progress their club throughout the season
  • Allow our fans to customize and show their own unique style on and off the pitch
  • Ensure that there’s better ways to play with and against your friends
  • Refresh our squad screen by making it more integrated to the club and transfer market

FUT 20 Generator

Season Objectives
To start, I want to give an overview of our new Season Objectives feature. In FUT 19 we’ve seen however improbably fashionable Objectives are within the FUT community. Season Objectives are part of our wider redefined Objectives system in FUT 20, which will allow you to progress towards rewards for your Ultimate Team beyond a daily or week to week window.

When you login to Ultimate Team after creating your Club, you’ll find the new Objectives Hub accessible from the FUT Central menu. Inside this hub you’ll be able to track your progress towards Season Rewards, jump to the next season objective that you choose to complete, as well as see your progression against Milestones and Foundation objectives.

In FUT 20, Objectives will be classified along by themes and tasks. Individual Objectives you complete will earn you XP and Rewards, as well as help progress towards completing the Objective group it is in. Completing groups of Objectives will be key to you unlocking larger rewards to help you grow, customize or advance your Ultimate Team.
Season Objectives are going to be discharged in four ways: Daily, Weekly, Season, and Dynamic Objectives.

Daily Objectives area unit straightforward tasks that area unit discharged on a daily basis and contribute XP to your Season Rewards. They will automatically release each day and expire after 24hrs.
Weekly Objectives are groups of objectives which have rewards and XP associated with the completion of the individual objectives release each week. In case you miss one week’s objectives they will stay active in the game for a 2nd week, with the exception of the last week of a season which will expire when the Season does.

Season Objectives are longer term challenges to finish and from the time they are put live they will remain live until the last day of the season.
Finally, Dynamic Objectives are special time-limited release Objective Groups which will not have a regular release schedule and will end after a set period of time determined by the dynamic objective group. These could be tied to campaigns or real world events that are happening in the game during the course of the Season.

Completing Objectives and earning XP can progress your Level on the Season Rewards tab. In our initial season there'll be thirty Levels, each with its own Season Reward or Reward choice. There will be a various mixture of rewards offered within the objectives feature starting from packs, players, club customization content or alternative things to assist progress your club such as match coin boosts. We’re looking to balance Season progression to appeal to all types of FUT players, from those who play once or twice a week, to players regularly competing in FUT Champions or Division Rivals. As you level up throughout the Season, the bigger both the challenges and rewards will become. You’ll be able to track your overall progress and see all level rewards in the Season Rewards screen for the duration of the season.

That’s not all for objectives this year. We’ve also introduced two other ways to unlock rewards for your play with Foundation and Milestones Objectives.

Foundation Objectives are the place for new players to learn the ropes of FIFA Ultimate Team, with organized learning objectives grouped together by subjects such as trading, team building and Chemistry.

Milestones Objectives are unit long run objective teams that aren't tied to any Season. Once a Milestone objective cluster is formed in FUT 20 you’ll be able to continue creating progress against these objectives, unlocking their rewards at your pace. From player feedback we know that many of you have been looking for more ways to progress in FUT and Milestones allow us to celebrate and reward key moments in every player’s FUT Club.

Overall there’s going to be more choice in the objectives system both in what you want to do with your time as you continue to progress, and which rewards you want to work towards unlocking.

New Customization Options
We’ve also added new ways to personalize your club and truly show off your unique style on the pitch. In the past when playing FUT we’ve had a number of custom kits, designed by some amazing artists, which have been loved by our fans - with some of our custom kits being among the most popular kits in Ultimate Team.

In FUT 20 we’re going to take things to a new level with eight Club Customization options to mix and match; you’ll be sure to find options that help you show off your club in a more unique way. By adding new Stadium Themes, Tifos, unique custom balls, new crests, and custom celebrations to the game there are going to be thousands of combinations to personalize your club.

If you’re a football purist interested in finding authentic customization options, or someone who’s style isn’t as traditional, we’ve got lots of new customization options that will give you an opportunity to create your own environment that feels unique to your club.

Both Stadium Theme’s and Tifo’s are new additions in FUT 20. Your Stadium theme will feature on the sidelines and in the crowd throughout the match. Your Tifo will feature in the pre-match intros and after goals there will be some replays which feature your Tifo in the background.

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